Carry on Jack (1964)

IMDB: 5.9/10 ,Total viewed: 0
This is the tale of Albert Poop-Decker, a newly commissioned Midshipman (although he took 8 1/2 years to qualify). He joins the frigate Venus, and adventures through Spanish waters, mutinee and Pirates taking his Captain, his sweet-heart and his best-friend with him! With mistaken identities and shipwrecks awash, it's a surprise any of them live to tell the tale!
GenresAdventure, Romance, Comedy
Release Year1964
Duration91 min
DirectorGerald Thomas
ActorsKenneth Williams, Bernard Cribbins, Juliet Mills, Charles Hawtrey, Donald Houston, Percy Herbert, Jim Dale, Patrick Cargill, Cecil Parker, Ed Devereaux, Peter Gilmore, George Woodbridge, Ian Wilson, Jimmy Thompson, Anton Rodgers
ProductionPeter Rogers Productions

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